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​Mission Statement  ​​
The mission of Mind Body Connect Family Counseling in California and Washington is to provide therapeutic services and educational programs that facilitate and teach the process of health, healing, personal development, and conscious transformation. The approach to care embraces a holistic philosophy of growth that honors the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the individual by integrating Western theories of counseling, psychology and health with Eastern philosophies of health and well being.

​​​Mind Body Connect Family Counseling

Mary Deggelman 

​​Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #53478

Walk and Talk Therapy

Our goal is to facilitate the process of innate healing and self-discovery for individuals seeking to improve their overall quality of life. It has been around for a decade, yet few therapists in California offer this unique type of therapeutic support.

Walk and Talk therapy is an innovative form of behavioral health integrating counseling, movement and nature with the intent to strengthen mental fitness, physical fitness and the mind-body connection.

This is appropriate for individuals needing support with their life issues, and are looking for a fitness based therapeutic approach to well-being.

Mary Deggelman, LMFT is happy to offer this new therapeutic service in her practice.

Mind Body Connect Family Counseling

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